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Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Jay Ferguson believes in helping his patients achieve optimal wellness by three principal values-

  • Compassion
  • Personalization
  • Thoroughness 

These are the keys to your health that are rarely seen in many chiropractic offices.

Compassionate Care

By his empathic understanding your unique pain and limitations, Dr. Ferguson is able to work with you in the healing process. He knows what it's like when you're hurt... injured... or for some reason feel pain... and wants to use his well-trained abilities to get you well again.  Whether you are 8 years of age or 85, Dr. Ferguson is ready to help bring the full potential of health back into your life.

Individual Treatment

To assist you out of pain, Dr. Ferguson takes ample time with you during your chiropractic session. He feels that his "patient-first" approach is much more important to your overall wellness, even if this takes longer than most typical chiropractic treatments. You -- and your health -- are the primary concern with Dr. Ferguson, and his personalized manner of chiropractic care reflects this.

Whole-Person Health Care

Because you are much more than your current pain complaint or symptom, Dr. Ferguson adopts a "nose-to-toes" outlook with you as a patient. This perspective stems from his goal of providing a complete treatment for you as a human... not just a condition or some kind of injury. Dr. Ferguson wants to offer you the most thorough and far-reaching health care system possible so that you can attain the highest level of wellness.

Through his use of these attributes -- compassion, personalization, and thoroughness -- Dr. Jay Ferguson has two significant aims with his practice.

One- help get people well... as fast as possible.

Two- invite people to become patients for life... by their choice.

Are you ready to free yourself from pain... improve your health... and experience ideal wellness in your life? If so, Dr. Jay Ferguson would be honored to have you schedule an appointment and visit his clinic.

Why don't you call today? Come see what a committed and concerned health care practitioner can do... so you can get back to enjoying life again.

Dr. Jay Ferguson is ready to see you now.

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